Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting Busy

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a procrastinator. Everyone has those things they put off until they absolutely have to do them, right? I mean, if I ignore it long enough, it will either get in my face and scream at me to get it done or it will go away. And then I have avoided doing something that didn't need doing.
The problem with me is that I don't procrastinate to keep from doing things. I procrastinate because I'm too busy doing other things (and to be fair, because I get diverted by things that are more interesting). I have no less than six home improvement projects going right now. My daughter told my husband to promise not to let me start any more until I finished the ones that are half done. My husband, being one of the smartest men I know, wouldn't agree to that. He said he figured telling me "no" was a good way to end up on my bad list. He was probably right.

So I end up pulled in a dozen different directions with home improvement projects, gardening, running races, trying new recipes (I'm NOT giving up baking) work and writing. Which means stuff falls off my radar screen. As a writer, this is a problem. I've written many things, some published, some self published and most, as you've probably guessed, half finished on my computer. And then there's the social media aspect of writing, which means a blog, a Twitter account, a Linked In account, Facebook, and of course, just having the account doesn't help. You have to interact. Now don't get me wrong. I love to interact. I'm a serious chatterbox. My hairdresser and manicurist love me. When my daughter comes to visit, her boyfriend and my husband have resigned themselves to not getting a word in edgewise. And that's despite the fact that my husband isn't exactly a conversational lightweight.

But finding time to use all the social platforms, to interact with everyone on each with an acrobat's careful balance of useful information, engaging personality and just a hint of promotion (the social media witch's brew that, according to experts, will explode if not mixed correctly-or at least it will render itself completely pointless), is hard to maintain with so many other things tapping on my shoulder. This is especially true considering that Twitter has become a litany of "buy my awesome book" tweets interspersed with some philosophy and a few tweets with daily agendas that include everything from the announcement that the morning coffee has been consumed to the update on the weekly grocery shopping. By the time you wade through all of it to find something you can actually interact with, half the day is gone. Plus it makes playing on the computer seem an awful lot like work. 

I know, whine, whine, whine. Guess it's time to stop procrastinating and get busy. Think I'll spend a few hours on Pinterest. Maybe then I'll feel like I've accomplished something....