Monday, November 5, 2012

Mickey Mouse Is My Favorite Cheerleader

I admit it. I never grew up. At 42, I sometimes think my obsession with the mouse is something I was supposed to have outgrown. On the other hand, one of my closest friends just turned 60 and she has a time share at Disney World. Aside from the fact that I’m terribly jealous of her (she knows this!), it does make me feel a little more normal.

The Wine and Dine half marathon is this weekend, and I can’t tell you how pumped I am. I normally get happy over my races, but the Run Disney events are just a bit different. There is an energy that is indescribable. They have this way of combining music, fireworks, speakers, and atmosphere in a way that can get thousands of people charged and ready to go. Even if it is pre-dawn and freezing cold. You don’t even care.

My first ever race was a Run Disney 5k. I went down to Orlando by myself, ran my 3.1 miles, and told myself when I was done that I would be back for more. When my daughter decided she was ready to run half marathons with me, I signed us up for the Disney marathon weekend. We ran the 5k one morning and the half the next (we actually felt guilty for not running the marathon the day after that—which is partially what inspired us to sign up for the marathon at the end of the year). We had a blast. Of course, we had a finish goal, so we didn’t take the time to stop  and enjoy the scenery, but we smiled, pointed and enjoyed ourselves tremendously as we ran past.

Wine and Dine takes it one step further. It’s at night! I’m a night owl by nature, so I can’t tell you how much that means to me.  I’ve never run a night race before, and I’m so excited. Of course, we’ve had a little bump in the road. My daughter has been having hip strain issues, so she slowed her training a bit to let it heal. She said the other day she should be fine to run/finish, but we won’t be setting any PR’s this time. This is my 4th half marathon, so I told her that was fine by me. We agreed that means we get to stop and take pictures this time around. I hope that means I’ll have some great Facebook photos when I get back.

So if you have plans to run the Wine and Dine this weekend, we'll see you there. We'll be the ones near the back with the camera. Wave at us as you run past!

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