Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Running Playlist

            My running playlist needs help! I’ve had the same running list, more or less, for a couple of years. I’m a classic rock kind of person, which means I’m not exposed to new material very often. Coming into the end of the year, I have two half marathons and a full, and I really want some new material to motivate me (my running support group will understand that!). I like stuff with a good, fairly fast beat, and some solid guitars don’t hurt, either. On the other hand, you'll see that I've got a little bit of everything--some hip hop, some country, some alternative--anything that makes good cadence music. If you have a minute and some good tunes to suggest, post your running list to the comment section. Or, if it’s easier, tweet me a song on two on twitter @linbrooks1. Your suggestions are MUCH appreciated! Here’s my current playlist:

Fat Bottomed Girls                            Queen 
Thunderstruck                                    AC/DC           
Girls, Girls, Girls                               Motley Crue                           
Viva Las Vegas                                  ZZ Top           
Thunder Kiss '65                               White Zombie
Even Flow                                         Pearl Jam        
Enter Sandman                                  Metallica        
Something In Your Mouth                Nickelback     
Fire Your Guns                                 AC/DC           
Click Click Boom                             Saliva 
Animals                                             Nickelback     
Bad Girlfriend                                   Theory of a Deadman
Burn It to the Ground                        Nickelback     
Sultans of Swing                               Dire Straits     
Shoot To Thrill                                  AC/DC                       
Because Of You                                 Nickelback     
Hey Ya!                                              OutKast         
Baby Likes to Rock It                        The Tractors   
Got Me Under Pressure                     ZZ Top                       
Back In Black                                    AC/DC           
Awake and Alive                               Skillet 
Superstition                                       Stevie Wonder           
Born to Run                                       Bruce Springsteen                  
Runnin' Down a Dream                     Tom Petty                              
Crazy Train                                        Ozzy Osbourne                      
Train                                                   3 Doors Down           
Bark At the Moon                              Ozzy Osbourne                      
T.N.T.                                                 AC/DC                                   
Hard To Handle                                 The Black Crowes
Gimme Three Steps                           Lynrd Skynrd
Sharp Dressed Man                           ZZ Top

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