Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Winter Vinecki…..wow. Just wow.

Sometimes “inspired” is just not a strong enough word. For those of you who’ve never heard of her, Winter Vinecki is a thirteen-year-old power house. She was a triathlete at the astounding age of 5.  In 2008, at age nine, she founded a non-profit organization to raise funds for prostate cancer research, after her father was diagnosed and later passed from an aggressive form of it. Now, at thirteen, she is on a mission to be the youngest ever to run a full marathon on every continent, still for the purpose of raising cancer research funds for her organization.

At thirteen, this young lady has accomplished more than many people will in a lifetime. I think it’s all about goals. I’m a goal person, so that’s something I can relate to. I set many goals, and most of them, I achieve (takes longer to hit some than others, but I usually get there eventually). But my goals are a little more sedate. I had a goal to raise my child into a strong, successful young woman. I’ve done that. I had a goal to get a good education and build a solid career that I enjoy. Did that, too. Somewhere along the way, I decided to run a half marathon. I’ve done that several times. Then I set a goal to run a marathon. I hope to be able to check that one off in January.

Looking that list, yes, I do feel like I’ve accomplished a thing or two. It certainly proves that when you set your mind to something, and I mean really set your mind to it, there’s not much you can’t accomplish. This young lady is a brilliant example, except she has MUCH more vision. She chooses goals that mean something to her, and then she doesn’t let go until she’s wrestled them to the ground. I can learn from that. We all can. How refreshing it is to know that, instead of shaking our collective heads at young people today, there are some out there that can teach us a thing or two.

What an incredible tribute to her father. You go, girl.

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