Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spending the Afternoon With a Movie Star

Okay, so there are some things you just can't shrug off and say "No big deal..." Today, I spent the afternoon with a movie star. And I figured if that wasn't blog worthy, I may as well not have the thing, right?

It's no secret my passion is running. I'm also a writer. I have one full novel and one short published, another full coming out next year, another short(ish) coming out this month...another big deal, to me anyway, because it was soooo much fun to write. It's called "The Divorcees Field Guide: Surviving the Apocalyptic Break Up". Think Zombie apocalypse, except with ex husbands. My husband is a tremendously good sport, so he read it despite the unashamed male bashing. He even laughed out loud a few times. 

But I digress. My point is, other than those things, I still have a day job I don't talk about a lot because, well, it's a job. Who wants to hear about your day at work? I'm a lawyer. I'm not a trial lawyer, mainly because I don't like rules or deadlines, and judges have A LOT of both (kind of makes you wonder why I went to law school, doesn't it? Me, too.) So instead, I became an entertainment lawyer. It was something I just kind of fell into, and then discovered that I'm pretty good at it. I've spent the last 13 years working with a variety of entertainers at different levels and, all in all, it makes for a pretty good way to spend my days. 

I've met a lot of cool people over the years. I got an invite to an event earlier in the year and got to meet William Baldwin. He wouldn't know me from Adam's cat, but I at least have the picture to prove it. And then there was the phone call I got from a History Channel reality show star (I won't say who-gotta protect confidences), asking for me to help with a contract. I spent the hour after I got off the phone with him wondering how the heck he had gotten my name. 

Then there was this morning. A person I've been doing business with for a while had a guy in from Hollywood that he wanted me to meet. I looked him up on iMDB. Ohmygosh. I've seen four of his movies. Sure. I'll be right over.

I suit up (I was in my running clothes-imagine that), and head downtown. Mr. Movie Star and his father arrive, and I am instantly sold. I have always had a unique appeal to men over 70. They love me (not much use to me when I was single, I'll admit, but I guess everyone has their gifts), and Dad is a charmer. I love the man. And he's a retired lawyer, to boot. Bonus points. Mr. Movie Star has equal charisma. He has some good one liners, which I will reuse because I can always find a use for good one liners. And he has projects he is just itching to try.  His enthusiasm is infectious. He wants a plan. I like a guy that wants action, not just talk. 

So, after a two hour meeting, I was hired. I've just spent hours reviewing documents and putting together more. It's late and I'm tired. But it's not every day you get to spend the afternoon with a movie star. It's worth the overtime. If I ever get over the sheer coolness of meeting people like that, I'll let you know. Don't hold your breath.


  1. How exciting! Once upon a time, I kinda sorta considered going into entertainment law. Not sure what changed my mind. Oh yeah. I was SO done with being in school. :)

  2. I get that. I took six years between undergrad and law school, because I couldn't stand the thought of another exam. And then I got to law school and wondered what the heck I was thinking! But it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself....after it was over.....